Cast Iron Potjie Pot and Kazan Pot

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  • Cast Iron Kazan Pot

    Cast Iron Kazan Pot

    Uzbekistan Cast Iron Cauldron Cookware Kazan Pot Size N.W.(kg) Capacity(L) Dia.45cm, Height  17cm                      15.9      13.5 Dia. 50cm, Height 19cm  19.4 19.02        Dia. 53cm, Height 18cm 20.8 21.3 1. A Cast Iron Kazan Pot allows you to avoid the toxic fumes that accompany most cookware. Cast iron can also replace aluminum cookware, which may also pose health hazards. 2. Besides the stove, you can use a Cast Iron Kazan Pot in the oven, at any temperature. This c...
  • Cast Iron Potjie Pot

    Cast Iron Potjie Pot

    Item No. Size N.W.(kg) Capacity(L) Coating   Package HF318 Dia.7.5cm /         /           Pre-seasoned, wax coating , enamel coating.                           Per piece with a inner box and then several pieces into a master carton   #1/4 Dia. 11cm 1.8 0.8 #1/2        Dia. 14cm 2.9 1.2 #1 Dia. 19.5cm 6 3 #2 Dia. 22.5cm 8 6 #3 Dia. 25cm 11 7...