Cast Iron Wok with Wooden Lid

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Product Name:Cats Iron Wok with Wooden Lid

Size: dia.37cm

Coating: Pre-seasoned (vegetable oil)

1.The cast iron wok with wooden lid allows you to avoid the toxic fumes that accompany with most of cookware.

2. It is nonstick and easy to clean up. Food can easily lift off from the surface.

3. Using this cast iron wok, it is benefit for health, you can boost iron intake from eating food cooked in it.

4. Food cooks beautifully. Using this cast iron wok with wooden lid, you can create restaurantquality, homemade fish sticks, potato pancakes and French toast, complete with golden brown, crispy exteriors.

5. Allow cookware to cool before washing.

6. Although dishwasher safe, hand washing with warm soapy water is recommended to preserve the cookware’s original apperance.

7. The cast iron wok was adopted cast iron as material, during casting production progress, the iron molten and air mixed to make cast oxygen layer. When cooking, this layer could absorb grease, that way not only protect the skillet, but also good for health.

8. Owing to better production technology and stringent control and better ductllity for iron, this cast iron wok could be used on various stove and oven with little fire to save energy and protect environment.


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